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Time the market perfectly and intelligently using our real time alerts
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Detailed and in-depth analysis for you
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Unlock the Power of Backtesting!

Unlock the Power of Backtesting!

Experience the future of stock analysis with our Backtesting feature. Choose two different dates, and instantly access historical stock data. Witness the magic as our platform calculates MRank for each stock, helping you make informed investment decisions. It's time to analyze, strategize, and conquer!

What does MRank mean?

MRank is a proprietary rank assigned by Meytrix to a stock as per the Risk Profile of the Investor. A lower MRank suggests a more positive outlook and a Higher MRank suggests a more negative outlook in the stock for the Investor

Seamless Stock Tracking - Try It Now!

Discover the future of stock tracking with our intuitive platform. Simply search for your favorite stocks and tap the heart icon to add them to your watchlist instantly. Stay informed, stay ahead – experience the future of investing today!

Seamless Stock Tracking - Try It Now!

Our Features

Meytrix - Real time alerts

Time the market perfectly and intelligently using our real time alerts

Meytrix - Personalized stock suggestions

Personalized stock suggestions

Meytrix - Complete stress free decision

Complete stress free decision in your hand. Let us manage AI for you!

Meytrix - Lambi Race ka Ghoda

Be a “Lambi Race ka Ghoda”

Meytrix - Wishlist

Use our Wishlist as per your “wish”

Meytrix - Compare past performance of stocks

Compare past performance of stocks

Customer Speaks

Meytrix proved to be a game changer for me as their personalized investment suggestions align for me perfectly with my financial goals

Kavita B

I've tried various stock advisory services before, but Metrix stands out with its AI-powered strategies and suggestions

Ashwin D

Very intuitive and user friendly user interface. I can easily navigate through the features and access the information I need

Nilesh S

A comprehensive platform that caters to both seasoned investors and beginners

Vidyadhar K

As someone new to stock trading, I needed guidance and insights to navigate the market. Meytrix exceeded my expectations with its personalized recommendations and educational resources

Savni S

I've been using Meytrix for a few months now, and I'm blown away by the accuracy of their AI-powered recommendations. It has helped me make profitable trades and maximize my returns. Highly recommended!!

Pallavi A

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Revolutionize Your Stock Analysis!

Revolutionize Your Stock Analysis!

Experience our cutting-edge stock tracking tool in action! Search for any stock and unlock the power of interactive radar charts. Get a comprehensive view of stock performance with real-time ranking values at your fingertips. Elevate your investment decisions today!

We search
diamonds in the rough for you. Every single day!!

Our proprietary algorithms monitors over 1300+ specially curated stocks on BSE & NSE
Our 100 million+ calculations run 5 times a day to find a “pearl” in an oyster for you
Use our cutting edge AI enabled platform to make decision – “Dil se nahin Dimag Se”

Why Meytrix?

Are you looking to make informed investment decision and maximize your returns in the stock market? Look no further! Our cutting-edge AI technology is here to revolutionize your trading experience. With our intelligent insights, you can stay ahead of the market trends and make well-informed
investment choices.
Here’s what sets up apart:

Meytrix - Trading Strategies

Trading Strategies

Our advanced algorithms leverage machine learning and deep analysis of historical data to identify profitable trading opportunities. Our AI continuously learns and adapts to market conditions, helping you navigate the complexities of stock trading with ease

Stay updated with real-time market analysis, including price movements, trading volumes, and news sentiment. Our AI scans vast amounts of data, providing you with instant alerts and actionable insights, so you never miss a potential opportunity

Meytrix - Real-time Market Analysis

Market Analysis

Meytrix - Investment Recommendations

Investment Recommendations

Tailored to your unique investment goals and risk tolerance, our AI generates personalized investment recommendations. Whether you're a seasoned trader or a beginner, our system caters to your needs, empowering you to make informed decisions that align with your financial objectives

Our user-friendly interface makes it effortless to navigate through the portal and access powerful features. Whether you're using our platform on your desktop or mobile device, you can enjoy a seamless trading experience

Meytrix - Interactive User Interface

User Interface

Meytrix - Educational Resources


We believe in empowering our users with knowledge. Access our educational resources, including tutorials, webinars, and market insights, to enhance your understanding of stock trading and sharpen your investment skills

We prioritize transparency, which is why we provide detailed performance tracking of our AI-powered trading strategies. Evaluate the historical performance and track the progress of our recommendations to build trust and confidence in our services

Meytrix - Transparent Performance Tracking

Performance Tracking

Tailor-Made Alerts for Your Investment Journey!

Customize your trading experience effortlessly with our platform! Inside your profile page, choose your preferred stock exchanges – NSE and BSE. Fine-tune your investment strategy by selecting your risk appetite from low to high risk. It's your portfolio, your way!

Tailor-Made Alerts for Your Investment Journey!


  • Meytrix is designed to offer unbiased insights, analysis, and guidance to investors of all levels. We aim to simplify the complexities of the stock market and empower you to make informed investment decisions.

  • To access our advisory services, simply create an account on our platform. Once registered, you'll have access to a range of tools, resources, and advisory services tailored to your investment preferences and risk profiles.

  • Absolutely! We understand that every investor has unique goals and risk tolerances. Our advisory recommendations take your individual preferences into account, providing personalized insights and strategies.

  • Our portal offers a variety of information, including market trends, stock analyses, sector insights, investment strategies, and more. We cover a wide range of topics to help you stay well-informed about the dynamic world of stocks.

  • In real time! We provide personalized alerts through email and WhatsApp during trading hours. Our alerts reflect changing market conditions and emerging opportunities during trading hours.

Have more questions? Check more FAQs by visiting our page here.

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